Finding The Right Lender

This is as important as knowing what type of home you are looking for. Because of this, I take pride in only partnering with the best of the best who have proven track records of success and accountability. After all, the people I work with and recommend are direct reflections of the way I conduct my own business, so I take this very seriously. There is a reason speaking with a lender prior to starting your home search is so important–lets take a look at a sample scenario that has happened countless times before:

You tell your real estate professional exactly what you’re looking for–there is no ambiguity because you’re very thorough by nature. You’ve researched the areas, styles, schools, and other variables you know are essential for your family to thrive. After several months of searching online, visiting open houses, along with countless private showings, the perfect home presents itself! Concerned about the payments, you quickly verify with the, “Mortgage Payment Generator” at the bottom of the page that the payment is comfortable for you, and when you see that it is you get excited and tell your agent you’d like to submit an offer. Sounds good so far, right? Your agent then tells you that in order to buy this home you are going to need to provide the Seller and their agent a copy of your, “Pre-Approval Letter” from the lender you wish to use, stating that you are indeed qualified to obtain the mortgage needed to purchase this home. You hadn’t thought about this yet, had you? Don’t worry, most people haven’t. After a quick search online, you find a local lender and give them a call. Much to your dismay, within ten minutes you realize that you will not be able to get a loan for the home. The disappointment and frustration from all the hope ruined, hours spent looking, and dreams of your family in this home disintegrating begins to set in. You’re devastated, not to mention utterly discouraged.

THAT, is exactly why you need to have that ten-minute conversation with a good lender first, before you even start your search.