Options In A DivorceWhile divorce is not something we plan for, for many couples it is where they find themselves. Out of the myriad of complexities and financial issues that arise, one of the greatest points of contention is the liquidation and division of large assets, namely co-owned real estate. The psychology training I received in graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania in conjunction with my years of direct work in a therapeutic capacity with couples and families, puts me in a far better position to help you navigate this difficult sale than other, “typical” real estate agents. My training and experience at helping people work through their differences enables me to serve you well in finding common ground throughout the sales process. I can work directly with you and your attorneys to help structure a “roadmap for sale”, with both of your best interests in mind, and most importantly leaving no room for ambiguity and further argument. In line with this, allow me to offer you some free guidance in the form of a book, designed to educate you on the process, the challenges, and what to expect throughout. By clicking on the image below, you can download a free pdf version with no obligation to sell your home, or use me as your agent. Additionally, I am happy to offer you a free phone or in-person consultation so that I might try to further allay or dispel some common fears you are likely experiencing. As someone who has experienced this situation first hand, I am deeply committed to my client’s emotional and financial needs, and will work hard to ensure a positive outcome. Most importantly, whether you are contemplating separating, separated, or actively going through a divorce, you can rest assured that all conversations are confidential.

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